Our Story

Our Mission

Graphic of students informing themselves through their computer and devices


To keep the next generation informed about the world around them through a newscast presented by young people.


To provide educators and families the tools to have students think critically about current events.

Graphic of people, books, and a magnifying glass.


To encourage the next generation to be contributing members of society.

Why NexGen News?

We are driven by the belief that young people should be informed about the world around them to help build critical thinking skills and to motivate the next generation to become socially active.

Meet the Team

"The next generation is the future. Students deserve their own news source, and teachers need ready-made tools to teach current events."

Laura Segre


CEO & Founder

  • Former teacher
  • Curriculum design expert
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and minor in Education from Stanford University
  • Masters of Arts in Teaching from University of Southern California

After teaching a few years she realized a few things:
1. Technology is the future of education;
2. Students need a way to stay informed and get active in the world around them;
3. Educators need an engaging way to teach current events. Enter, NexGen News!

"I believe that technology holds an essential role in the generation of fresh ideas in the evolving landscape of education"

Michelle McGuire, EdD


COO & Founder

  • Public school teacher for 15 years
  • Adjunct professor at the University of Southern California
  • Educational consultant specializing in gifted and talented education, throughout the state of California
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Communication from the University of Southern California
  • Masters of Arts in Teaching from the University of Southern California
  • Doctoral Degree in Teacher Education in a Multicultural Society from the University of Southern California
    • Focused on technology uses in differentiated curriculum and instruction for gifted learners
To Michelle, teaching should consistently include what happens in the world around us, so students can learn how to make effective change. For her, NexGen News is part of that evolution.