Bringing Educational Content to Life

What Is NexGen Creates?

Custom curriculum writing and video production for educational purposes.


Work with our team of educators to design your custom curriculum.


Spark audience interest using engagement videos to begin each learning session. 


Teach the ready-made custom curriculum synchronously or asynchronously. 


Reach intended learning outcomes with your audience so they can apply them in real life. 

What We Offer

Curriculum Writing

Work with our team of credentialed educators to design a curriculum for any subject or audience.

Similar to lesson plans, the facilitator guides are a manual to guide the learning process from start to finish.

Addition materials such as worksheets and assessments that accompany each learning session.

Presentation slides accompany each learning session for seamless in-person, virtual, and hybrid learning.

Curriculum can be written for  in-person, virtual, or hybrid learning with the faciliator and audience in mind.

Video Production

Our team of script writers will take your educational topic and write a script that  engages, motivates, and informs. 

The script will come to life at our studio in Burbank, CA. We can provide everything you need including a director, cinematographer, actors, filming equipment, and props. 

Work with our editor to create a final product that aligns with your brand. 


Curriculum & Video

Combine our curriculum writing and video production services to create a multimedia learning experience with educational videos that motivate and engage the audience.

Clients We've Worked With

Charles Schwab Foundation

NexGen partnered with the Charles Schwab Foundation to create the Moneywise America financial literacy program. Aimed at middle and high school students, this program includes 22 learning sessions covering topics such as budgeting, money management, credit and debt, planning for the future, and investing. Leveraging our curriculum and video production capabilities, NexGen created a multimedia curriculum to maximize teen engagement.

Got an Idea?

Our team is excited to collaborate and bring your educational content to life!